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Before we meet I have compiled a few questions for you to think about so that you can get the most out of your reading. It’s up to you if you want to do this out or not but it’s a great way to get clear in your head what you want to talk about. I find in most readings that the things you want to know will pop up, but in saying that, I’ve walked away from readings and thought, I wish I’d asked them that.

1. What sort of reading are you after? Is there a particular area on which you want to focus right now? What’s on your mind, or what’s keeping you up at night? I have lots of decks and they all have their own personalities, so to use the time together talking its good to know what sort of reading you are looking for so I have the decks sitting waiting and ready.  
What do you want to focus regarding your reading?

Your life purpose            Health            New direction

Romance                       Healing        Spiritual

Meaningful messages     Business        Creativity

Getting Unstuck            General        You pick for me

2. Have you had a reading before? If No, do you have any questions you would like to ask me before your reading?

3. Are you open to me recommending books, teachers, workshops, websites etc?

4. Is there anything else you want to tell me before we start?

This is a professional service please make sure you read my policy and ethics

I’m not a reader that likes to record the sessions as I don’t want you to dwell on occurs, but rather to be inspired to go out into the world with new motivation and peace about what direction you want to take. In saying that I’m more than happy if you want to take photos of the cards or jot down notes.  

Much Love,
Denita x

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